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Residential & Commercial Painting in Windermere, FL

King Pro Services is comprised of a professional team of painters offering experienced services to both commercial and residential clients in the Central Florida region. Also providing pressure washing and renovation services, we are your one stop shop for making the most functional and impressive upgrades to either the interior or exterior of your property.

With so many painting companies to choose from in Central Florida, King Pro Services stands out from the rest by consistently completing projects in an efficient manner at fair rates. We use only top-quality products and qualified painting crews experienced with helping clients make the most informed decorating and painting decisions. With a team of well-trained and experienced painters, we understand what home and business owners expect from a painting company and we are ready to deliver.

Residential painting services include thorough sanding of all surfaces to create a perfect base before painting. Let our service crew do all the heavy lifting and carefully move your furniture, remove and replace switch plates and fixtures, as well as protect your flooring/landscaping and belongings with drop cloths as part of a complete prep plan. Choose from a variety of high-quality paints. Count on a full clean up when your painting project is complete and a full walkthrough to address any concerns.

With so many contractors to choose from in Central Florida, finding the right painting company can be a challenge. Many homeowners are tempted to simply do the work themselves – but do you really want to waste your valuable free time on painting your home?

Give Yourself a Break - You Can Count on King Pro Services

King Pro Services understands that today’s fast-paced lifestyle means that most people are just too busy for home improvements like painting, plastering and especially all that prep work. We strive to make the entire process stress and worry-free, in addition to providing premium quality products and services that produce outstanding results.

Dependable – Affordable - Impeccable Painting

Our experienced team uses King Pro Services’ step-by-step approach to painting homes in Central Florida.

Men with Calculator, Free Estiamtes
Free Estimates

Following your request for a free estimate, a painting professional visits your home to discuss your project in detail, help with color selection and set a date for prep work. Written estimates are provided.

Drywall Repair and Restoration
Prep Work

King Pro Services takes care of protecting and moving all furniture and items from the work area, in addition to completing all drywall repairs (interior) and stucco repairs (exterior) and any necessary maintenance requirements prior to painting. Superior plastering, priming, and thorough prep work is part of our complete professional service.

Painting Wall
First Coat

We start with one coat of your desired color and consult with you throughout the process to ensure complete satisfaction. Your home is left clean and safe at the end of each workday.


Project Completion and Follow-Up

Our job is not complete until you’re satisfied. Our residential painting team will inspect each work area for final touch-ups until the final walk-through and inspection. Travel a lot? No worries, King Pro Services many types of homeowners and investors. We understand you cannot always be present before, during or after the project is completed. King Pro will send you real-time photos and videos so you can be present no matter where you are.

Commercial Painting Services

Our commercial painting services in Florida are carried out by a fully insured, licensed and well-trained painting team for office buildings, schools, hotels, retail stores, apartment complexes, medical facilities and any Florida industry that requires the services of a professional painting crew. King Pro Services also offers flexible work schedules during weekends and evenings for minimal disruption to your commercial business.


King Pro Services is providing unparalleled service and top-of-the-line results throughout Central Florida, Horrizons West, Lake Nona, and the surrounding areas. As a fully-equipped commercial painting contractor, we deliver uncompromising results on the most demanding and complex commercial projects. We provide guaranteed work and will deliver lasting results.

Safety is our top priority when it comes to the public and everyone on the job. You can count on our team to be professional, polite, arrive on time, and keep the work area neat and tidy throughout the duration of the project.

Minimize Disruption Of Your Business

Commercial and industrial painting requires careful planning, coordination, and working in a way that minimizes disruption to your business. For us this can translate to working nights, weekends, and off-hours, catering to your specific scheduling needs. It also calls for efficient, low-impact work practices, to ensure the project is completed on time and on budget.


Keep Your Commercial Property Looking Its Best

As a business owner or property manager, you understand the importance of keeping both the inside and outside of your commercial spaces looking their ultimate best. We have the experience, expertise, and professional equipment to paint the interior and exterior of a variety of structures including high-rises, HOAs, corporate offices, malls, assisted living facilities, signage, and much more.

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